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(REVISED APRIL 30, 2016)


The Western Collegiate Hockey League (WCHL) is an organization comprised of American Collegiate Hockey Association Division 1 programs. The primary purpose of the WCHL is to promote structured competitive regional collegiate ice hockey in the western United States.



A.The WCHL shall consist of hockey teams from any four-year college or university located in the United States of America that is playing (or will play) ACHA D1 hockey.

B.Additionally, it is the intent of the WCHL to minimize costs and expenses to its member teams through the use of travel partners.  Travel partners shall generally mean ACHA D1 schools within 100 miles of each other.  Therefore, hockey teams from any four-year college or university located in the United States of America that is playing (or will play) ACHA D1 hockey must have a travel partner that meets the same league membership requirements to be considered for membership in the WCHL.

C.Effective with the 2016-2017 season, the WCHL members and travel partners are as follows:

1.University of Arizona and Arizona State University;

2.University of Colorado and Colorado State University; 

3.University of Central Oklahoma and University of Oklahoma; and

4.University of Arkansas and Missouri State University.

D.ACHA D1 teams seeking admission to the WCHL as a league member subsequent to the 2013-2014 season must submit an application (paperwork and a $3,000.00 fee) to the WCHL Commissioner on or before November 1 of the preceding year for which the team is seeking admission (i.e., on or before November 1, 2013 for the 2014-2015 season).

E.Applications for admission will be considered for the full season of play that starts during the next calendar year.

F.The November 1 deadline may be waived for any individual team petitioning for membership if the current WCHL membership votes unanimously to allow for the exception for that particular team at that specific point in time.

G.Any new league member joining Western Collegiate Hockey League is required to pay a $3,000 fee.  $1,000 shall be absorbed into the league budget.  The remaining $2,000 will serve as a deposit and will be applied to the new league member’s annual league fees in its 2nd and subsequent seasons until this fund is depleted.

H.Applications for admission to the WCHL submitted by teams that are not (or will not be) playing ACHA D1 hockey and/or do not have a travel partner will be summarily denied.

I.Applications for admission to the WCHL submitted by ACHA D1 teams that are playing (or will play) ACHA D1 hockey and do have a travel partner will be submitted to the existing WCHL member teams for membership consideration.

J.A unanimous vote of approval from the existing WCHL member teams is required for an application for admission to the WCHL to be granted.

K.Upon admission to the WCHL, newly admitted league members must complete a mandatory one (1) year probationary period.  During this probationary period, newly admitted league members will be expected to attend WCHL league meetings and participate in the WCHL play as an “auxiliary member” but will not be accorded any voting rights at WCHL league meetings.  Upon satisfactory completion of the probationary period, newly admitted league members will be afforded all rights and privileges as existing WCHL member teams.

L.WCHL member teams seeking to depart the WCHL must provide written notice to the WCHL Commissioner of such intentions at least two (2) calendar years in advance of the actual date of departure.  This notice period will permit the travel partner of the departing league member adequate time to consider their respective position within the WCHL and take appropriate action (i.e., seek another travel partner for potential league admission, depart with its travel partner, etc.).



A.The WCHL member teams shall elect an individual to serve as WCHL Commissioner to manage all business and affairs involving the WCHL.  The Commissioner shall serve until such time as he/she voluntarily relinquishes his/her duties as Commissioner or a unanimous vote of the WCHL member teams to replace the current Commissioner with another individual.

B.A Rules Committee will be created to handle any disputes between WCHL member teams during the season.

C.The Rules Committee will consist of the WCHL Commissioner and a representative from each WCHL member team that is not a party to the dispute at issue.

D.Allegations of WCHL and/or ACHA rules violations and protests must be submitted to the WCHL Commissioner in writing within forty-eight hours (48) hours after the actual incident occurs.  The Rules Committee will sit in judgment of allegations of rules violations and protests.  All protests must be acted upon by the Rules Committee within fourteen (14) days of submission to the WCHL Commissioner.

E.An Appeals Committee consisting of the teams at hand or any WCHL member team having an issue with the ruling/resolution of a matter by the Rules Committee can be summoned, and appeal the ruling/resolution within forty-eight (48) hours of receiving said ruling/resolution.  The Rules Committee will then have forty-eight (48) hours to reconsider the original ruling/resolution and resolve the issues and concerns raised on appeal.

F.Any issue in need of a Rules Committee can be submitted to the WCHL Commissioner for consideration.  If the WCHL Commissioner determines that said issue needs immediate response (other than as set forth above), a Rules Committee can be summoned for consideration and resolution of said issue (timetable TBA).



A.Two (2) league meetings will be held annually, which may be held in person and/or telephonically:

1.Summer/Fall Meeting – Rules clarification and interpretation, finalize schedule details, etc.

2.Spring Meeting – held in conjunction with ACHA Annual Meeting, review of season, ACHA issues, etc.

B.Additional league meetings may be held as deemed necessary by the WCHL Commissioner.

C.The WCHL calendar year will be the same as the ACHA calendar year (August 1 to July 31).

D.A representative of each WCHL member team must be in attendance at each league meeting.  Any team not providing a representative at the league meeting may be fined $500 per meeting.

E.A quorum shall constitute at least four of the WCHL member teams in attendance.

F.Each WCHL member team is accorded one vote on applications, motions and other items discussed at league meetings.

G.All WCHL member teams are to furnish and update names, addresses, telephone numbers, facsimile numbers and email addresses for their respective schools/coaches.

H.All votes not specified herein with a percentage shall be decided by majority vote.

I.In any situation in which a team does not have a vote, it shall not prevent said team from expressing their opinion/position on the matter being addressed.

J.In the event of a tie vote, the WCHL Commissioner will render a vote to break the tie.



A. Membership Requirements:

1.Annual payment of season membership dues to the WCHL Commissioner by August 30th prior to the beginning of each season unless otherwise directed by the WCHL Commissioner.

2. All WCHL teams shall be a member in good standing and must adhere to all American Collegiate Hockey Association Division 1 standards, policies, and procedures.

3.Every player on a WCHL team must electronically sign the ACHA waiver, roster, and other forms deemed necessary by the ACHA.

4.Each WCHL team must be a registered student organization, sports club or other similar classification in good standing with their respective institution.

5.WCHL teams must participate in mandatory organizational meetings, provide timely response to requests for information and feedback, and communicate weekly with the WCHL Commissioner. All scores and statistics are to be delivered via facsimile or email no later than each Monday evening to the WCHL Commissioner.

B. Membership benefits:  WCHL members shall benefit in the following: A website which includes game schedules, results, general WCHL information, links to individual team websites and the ACHA;  and players recognized for exceptional performance in the naming of an All-League First Team and Second Team.

C. Suspension of Membership Benefits:

1.Membership affiliation and benefits may be suspended or withdrawn for non-compliance with any and all WCHL rules or regulations.

2.To clarify, membership affiliation and benefits may be withdrawn with or without cause by unanimous vote of the Rules Committee.  For example, the WCHL may withdraw membership due to dissatisfaction with general on-ice or off-ice demeanor or overall competitiveness of a member team. The WCHL is not limited to these remedies. Any perceived variation from overarching vision or strategy of the WCHL or its individual teams would be a sufficient reason to review.

3.Suspension of benefits may include, but are not limited to the removal of team participation from league, probationary status for one or more seasons, or forfeiture of games for violation of player eligibility requirements.

4.All suspensions of benefits for violations shall be decided by the WCHL Commissioner.

5.All suspension of benefits may be appealed in writing within five (5) days to the WCHL Commissioner who shall present any new information to the other WCHL member teams and a decision shall be rendered within three (3) days. All appeals decisions will be final.



A.Annual WCHL league dues will be $900.00.

B.All WCHL member teams are required to submit the full roster (players and coaches) to the ACHA via online registration to be insured through USA Hockey.  This must be done prior to the first game played by the respective WCHL member team.  If not submitted prior to the first game played by the respective WCHL member team, that team and/or its individual players and/or coaches may potentially forfeit any rights to insurance provided by USA Hockey if an incident occurs.



A.For all WCHL games, WCHL member teams must utilize ACHA certified officials who comprehend and abide by all ACHA officiating rules regarding game play.

B.At a minimum, each WCHL member team is to utilize a three (3) man officials system (1 referee, 2 linesmen); however, a four (4) man system (2 referees, 2 linesmen) is also permitted.

C.It is the responsibility of the home team to provide officials for each WCHL game.

D.All complaints regarding officiating should be directed to the appropriate Head Official/Assigner/Scheduler for the WCHL member school which secured the services of the official(s) in question.



A.General Player Eligibility:  All players must meet ACHA D1 eligibility requirements.

B.Academic Requirements:  The WCHL shall use the same academic requirements established by the ACHA Division 1. 

C.Team rosters must be submitted to the WCHL Commissioner on official ACHA roster form prior to a team's first scheduled league contest (form is emailed by ACHA Commissioner or can be forwarded by WCHL Commissioner). Each player must sign the ACHA Signature Sheet before its submission to the ACHA Commissioner and the WCHL Commissioner.  Teams not submitting a roster prior to their 1st game will be fined $100.00 per game, for every game played without a roster.

D.Any additions to the original roster must be submitted to the WCHL Commissioner prior to the individual(s) in question playing in a League game.

E.Final rosters will be frozen on January 31st. All spring eligibility sheets are due January 31st to the ACHA Commissioner (and copied to the WCHL Commissioner).

F.Any players not academically eligible in either fall or spring semesters that play in WCHL league games will have their team forfeit each game in violation.

G.Both the fall and spring roster must be certified (stamped) by the school's registrar to verify player eligibility as a bona fide student.  After the registrar completes and verifies the roster, it is to be sent by the registrar's office directly to the ACHA D1 Commissioner and the WCHL Commissioner.

H.Any challenge regarding the eligibility of a player on a WCHL team roster must be presented in a timely manner to the WCHL Commissioner in writing. The WCHL Commissioner may request proof of eligibility from the team/university of the player in question.



A.The WCHL will use the rules of play specified in the NCAA Rule Book unless specified otherwise in the ACHA Division 1 Policies and Procedures.

B.For the 2016-2017 season, each WCHL league member will play twenty-two (22) league games, three games against each interstate opponent and four games against their respective travel partner/intrastate opponent.  In the 2015-2016 season, each WCHL league member played an uneven amount of league games due to the number of league members.  In the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 seasons, each WCHL league member played sixteen (16) league games, three games against each interstate opponent and four games against their respective travel partner/intrastate opponent.

C.All league contests will consist of three twenty-minute periods.  If the game is tied after regulation, a five (5) minute, 4-on-4 overtime period shall commence.  If still tied after the overtime period, a three (3) player shootout shall determine the winner.  If still tied after the three player shootout, a sudden death shootout shall determine the winner.

D.A point system will be followed when determining the WCHL league standings, as follows:

1.A regulation win in a league game is worth 3 points;

2.An overtime/shootout win in a league game is worth 2 points;

3.An overtime/shootout loss in a league game is worth 1 point; and

4.A regulation loss in a league game is worth 0 points.

E.WCHL teams shall be permitted to have the option of dressing a maximum of 18 skaters and 3 goaltenders or 19 skaters and 2 goaltenders. However, failure to dress at least 2 goaltenders shall result in a forfeit as dictated by ACHA Division 1 rules.

F.WCHL teams shall roster no less than 16 players per game.

G.Disqualification procedures will adhere to the procedures recognized by the ACHA. No special situations shall be taken into consideration regarding the disqualification of a player or coach.

H.Any player who receives a disqualification penalty must sit out the proscribed number of games in accordance with ACHA and NCAA rules.  The penalty for playing a disqualified player in the player's next league game is an automatic forfeit.

I.If at all possible, no league games will start after 9:00 p.m. local time.

J.All players, coaches, and officials on and off the ice shall observe sportsmanship of the highest order, before, during, and after the game in which they represent the WCHL. Unsportsmanlike conduct displayed by players or coaches towards the opposing team or officials will not be tolerated. At the conclusion of the game in which unsportsmanlike behavior has occurred, a written assessment may be submitted by team officials/coaches directly to the WCHL Commissioner’s office for review and consideration.  Any player, coach, or team who continues to display unsportsmanlike conduct may be brought before the league for disciplinary action.  These reviews and any enforcement will take place as soon as possible after a written report is submitted. Subsequent infractions will be handled on a case-by-case basis and may use progressive discipline.

K.The WCHL Commissioner may suspend a WCHL player or coach that has a history of severe abuse to preserve the integrity of the game and/or league, even if the abusive action(s) are not expressly denoted as violations of any NCAA, ACHA or rules contained herein.  This suspension may be appealed to the Rules Committee.

L.SUPPLEMENTAL DISCIPLINE:  The WCHL Commissioner has the right to instill supplemental discipline to preserve the integrity of the league.

1.The WCHL Commissioner will forward for review all game reports received from officials and any other pertinent information that may lead to potential supplemental discipline to a consulting USA Hockey official selected at the discretion of the WCHL Commissioner.

2.The USA Hockey official selected at the discretion of the WCHL Commissioner will review and forward all information along with a recommendation to the WCHL Commissioner when he deems it that supplemental discipline is necessary.

3.Any party who receives supplemental discipline may appeal the decision of the WCHL Commissioner to a Disciplinary Appeals Board in a timely manner.  

4.The Disciplinary Appeals Board will consist of representatives from three league teams as assigned by the WCHL Commissioner on a rotating basis.  More specifically, the Disciplinary Appeals Board will be assigned on the basis of the next three teams in alphabetical order of team name and will only consist of representatives of teams who are not a party to the issue at hand.  Where possible, it will be expected that each team-affiliated Disciplinary Appeals Board member will be a non-coaching/administrative representative.

5.The Disciplinary Appeals Board has the right to uphold, rescind, or amend the penalties levied by the WCHL Commissioner in whole or in part.

M.Game contracts are RECOMMENDED. Game contracts should be filled out completely for all non-league games and retained by each team. A copy of every game contract is to be submitted to the WCHL Commissioner.  No game contracts will be necessary for WCHL league games scheduled by the WCHL Commissioner.



A.All WCHL players must utilize playing equipment as permitted by the NCAA rulebook and as modified by the ACHA rules and regulations.

B.Each team must have a complete matching set of home and away jerseys.  Both sets shall consist of large permanent numbers on the backside of the jersey.  Player numbers for individual players should remain stable throughout the season.



A.To provide timer and scorer.

B.To schedule three (3) certified officials. Each home team must have contracts with the referee association in their district for all league games. Expenses relating to the failure of a referee(s) to work a game are the direct responsibility of the home team.

C.To send out contracts for all contests including directions to home arenas.

D.To provide a certified athletic trainer (ATC), emergency medical technician (EMT), a fully stocked first aid kit, and/or access to immediate ambulance/emergency medical services.

E.To submit team rosters to the registrar and subsequently to the WCHL Commissioner by the specified dates.

F.To submit the ACHA score sheet for each game played the preceding week to the ACHA Commissioner and the WCHL Commissioner on or before 5:00 P.M. on each Monday via fax or email.

G.To submit the game results to the ACHA Commissioner and the WCHL Commissioner immediately after the conclusion of a game via phone, text or email.

H.To submit game disqualifications to the WCHL Commissioner for all contests, league or non-league via phone, text or email.

I.To provide practice pucks for warm-ups for the visiting team.

J.To provide adequate security and as reasonably as possible keep fans away from the visiting bench, locker room, or behind the visiting goaltender.

K.To report/score all home games and any non-ACHA away games into the ACHA’s website in a timely manner.

L.A $25.00 fine will be imposed for each instance of late or non-submission of score sheets and/or game results.



A.The regular season WCHL champion for the 2016-2017 season shall be the team that has the highest total of league points at the conclusion of all league games in the regular season.

B.Any additional games that are played between the travel partner/intrastate teams will count neither towards league standings nor as a tiebreaker in determining league standings.

C.In Case of a tie at the end of the regular season, the tie breakers are as follows:

1.Most league wins; 

2.Head to head win/loss record (total league points in head-to-head games); 

3.Head to head goal differential in league games; 

4.Goal differential in all WCHL regular season games; 

5.Coin flip.

6.In the event of a multiple-team tie-breaker, if one team owns a head-to-head win/loss tie-breaker advantage over all other teams involved, then it will advance.  If a team has a head-to-head win/loss disadvantage over all other teams involved, then it will be eliminated.  Tie-breaker criteria starts over if a team is eliminated from a multiple-team tie-breaker scenario.



There will be no WCHL post-season tournament/playoff.



A.A rotating cup will be named the “Champions Cup” and awarded to the WCHL regular season league champion.

B. The WCHL Champions Cup must be returned to the WCHL Commissioner’s office by January 31st of each calendar year, or a $500 fine will be assessed. If the WCHL Champions Cup is in need of repair, lost, or stolen, it must be fixed or replaced by the school in possession before return to the WCHL Commissioner.

C.A WCHL All-League team (First Team and Second Team) comprised of 12 players (6 forwards, 4 defensemen, and 2 goalies) will be selected each season.  Voting for said All-League team shall be by WCHL coaches.  Coaches will be permitted to vote for their own players; however, coaches will be permitted to vote only one of their own players for First Team consideration and only one of their own players for Second Team consideration.



A.All WCHL teams are to submit their weekly ranking to the ACHA D1 Commissioner in a timely manner (with a courtesy copy to the WCHL Commissioner) for each ACHA D1 ranking period.  Failure to submit the ranking consistent with the ACHA D1 rules shall automatically result in a $100.00 fine that must be paid to the WCHL prior to the next ACHA D1 ranking period.  Continued failure to participate in the ACHA D1 ranking process may result in expulsion from the WCHL.

B.Any WCHL team which fails to honor a confirmed scheduling commitment except under an act of God shall have membership benefits suspended immediately and declared ineligible for the league championship. Compensation shall be rendered to the relevant team for travel expense and/or ice and referee costs.

C.Any team using an ineligible player in a WCHL game shall forfeit the game in which the player participated. A notice to the ACHA shall be written alerting it of the incident. The team who used the ineligible player may be subject to suspension of membership.

D.League scheduling:  All teams are to first schedule WCHL games before it schedules any non-league games in any upcoming season.  The WCHL Commissioner shall present a proposed league schedule to the WCHL member teams on or before November 1 of the preceding season for review and consideration by the league membership.  WCHL member teams are to present the WCHL Commissioner with a list of available dates for their respective ice hockey facilities as soon as possible to permit the proposed league schedule to be assembled and presented for consideration on or before November 1 of the preceding season.

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